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Dr. Friedman’s office provides outstanding customer service and high quality eye care to our community in Culver City & surrounding cities of West Los Angeles County, Ca.


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About  Dr. Friedman Optometrists & Associates  |  Culver City, CA


I have been attending or seeing Dr. Maurice Friedman for about 3 to 4 years now coming from a transition from San Diego and have been completely happy & satisfied with goods and service its not easy to find the right eye doctors to take care of you, so thank you Dr. Maurice Friedman. –Noe D

Great as always! Everyone is so helpful. Love Dr. Osaku. –Anonymous — Customer since 2009


Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Doctor is great and positive. Good selection of frames.
Anonymous — Customer since 2009


I have been going to Dr Friedman and Assoc for over 7 years. They provide the most professional in depth examination of any Eye Dr that I have been to.The front desk staff are friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend your whole family to Dr Friedman and Assoc. –Tania C


I have been going to Dr. Friedman's office for about seven years. I have always received good eye care and would not hesitate to recommend them!  –Wendy W

We love this office. The staff is always very helpful and the doctors are amazing. We've been coming here for over 5 years and even though we moved, and there are closer eye doctors, we wouldn't go anywhere else!
The Moeggenbergs and Dolsons


1) Got my annual reminder for my check-up via e-mail, and I was able to schedule my appointment electronically....awesome.
2) Got a phone call to remind me about my appointment........awesome.
3) People on the phone/courtesy and professionalism...............wonderful.
4) Optometrist who I've seen for the past 3!
5) Office staff...........knowledgeable and friendly.
Stephen J


I was treated with respect and the doctor explained everything.. I was fully satisfied with my visit!! I would recommed anyone to get their eyes checked here (:–Kevin C



First of all let me say as a patient with medi-cal for insurance I don't always receive equal treatment as someone with better or private insurance & sometimes feel I'm looked down upon at medical offices. Here at Dr. Friedman's office that wasn't the case. Besides receiving excellent service, my son & I were treated warmly with respect and dignity & made to feel welcome. I highly recommend Dr. Friedman's office looking for a great eye doctor.


Great, friendly staff. Was in and out on a Saturday in a matter of 40 mins. I will definitely be going back!!
Stephaine M


Dr. Friedman and his staff were all very friendly and professional. Everyone was eager to answer my questions and made me feel welcome and comfortable. Thanks for the great service!  –Sarah D


Dr. Friedman's office is wonderful. I've been going here for going on 3 years. Before the appointment they send 2 or 3 reminders with the opportunity to reschedule online very easily, which is convenient. When you arrive, the staff are laid back yet professional, the facilities are clean, and the doctor is very friendly and down-to-earth. I took the option to do a detailed digital image of the back of my eye, because I hadn't ever done it before, and he showed me a comparison between my eye and an unhealthy eye, which was nice to see.
     They had a good selection of designer frames to choose from, including Kate Spade, Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Prada, Chloe....And then for me, the selection of glasses that are priced to be included with my insurance was also really good- 2 whole sections and a range of styles, including the trendy"geek" glasses, which I got with the help of Daniel - thanks!
     The fact that it is just a quick walk from where I work at Sony Pictures makes it all the better. Five stars!
Laura H


I was having a problem with one of my eyes and needed to be seen right away. After calling and describing the problem the receptionist said I could come right in without an appointment and they would help me.
     When I arrived the office seemed to be in one of those perfect storm Mondays; the computer systems were down and the Dr in the office was supposed to have been off but someone had called off for the day.
     Dispite the issues everyone was friendly and accommodating. Paperwork was quickly done, the Dr is friendly and personable and the office is beautiful. Parking is challenging at times but overall I highly recommend this Optomitrist.
     I won't be looking for a new Dr as long as I'm in Los Angeles.

Brad A


Friendly people and atmosphere! Love it love it love it!     –Kenya Z


My experience at doctor Friedman was great, I was able to go in and out real quick. They also answered every question I had. –Brittany C


Quick, effective - easy visit. I was given options of lenses, but I never felt pressured to buy up on anything. That instilled trust and I'm making this my optometrist. –Anonymous


I bought the groupon for this office ad was instantly dreading it with the hassle of these type of groupons (make an appt months in advance, no cancellations, spend more than planned, etc). I called and had an appointment in a few days... I was brought back and taken care of quickly... The doctor was hilarious and kind as were all the ladies in the office.... I was set up with my contacts and my trial pairs are on their way and I can pick them up next week at my follow up appointment. I was in an out within an hour! I loved the team there! Great experience!   –Ashley N 



I saw the receptionists handle a somewhat hostile situation with another patient; they were awesome! Daniel helped me and he was truly amazing. It's difficult for some of us to come to grips with being blind and expanding our eye wear selection. He handled my objections in a very patient manner. I walked away feeling much more comfortable with my decision. Thank you Daniel. –Kenya H


The entire staff was very polite, cheerful, and efficient. I was very happy with my experience! –Johnathon R


The entire staff was very polite, cheerful, and efficient. I was very happy with my experience! –Johnathon R


Daniel and the entire staff were so very friendly and welcoming to my family and I. That is why I continue to come year after year, for 15 years now. Thanks Guys!!! –Martha B


As always - everyone is super-nice and helpful. Diana is the best! Betty was an angel. And, of course, with your eye exam with the doctor you get comedy as well as the best care. Thanks to all. –Richard T


As always, my experience at Dr. Friedman's was pleasant and efficient. I got my exam and was able to order my glasses as expected. My mom and I have been coming here for years and highly recommend Dr. Friedman. Even after moving to Torrance, I still come back to Dr. Friedman for my vision needs. –Michael S


Staff really tended to my needs on short notice. I wasn't completely sure about my insurance coverage and they checked for me. I was able to get a same day appt on a Saturday no less. Really appreciative. –Nakia G 


My experience wih the office was excellent. The staff and Dr. were kind, thoughtful, professional and efficent. –Debora M


.Friendly and professional, and thorough in the examination. –Larry L


The Eye Glass Department was superior. Especially Betty and Jeannie. Everytime we ask a question everything was so positive. I'm so glad they work for you guys. The front desk very accomdating with scheduling. Keep up the good work. I can see why your so busy. –Carlos M


My Life has returned to "HD" this is the best prescription I have ever had and the best glasses. Thank you so much. –Mark H


This optometrist gets a five star rating from me. It was my first pair of eye glasses through an optometrist, so I did not know what to expect. At every point of the process, through to walking out the door with the perfect glasses for me, I was treated with courtesy, kindness and real hospitality. Here are professionals with a real awareness of what good service is and the ability to deliver it under one roof in a team like fashion-what a great joy. Thanks. –Peter N 


The service here was great as usual! It was my first time trying out contacts and they made it very easy. The specialist was very patient when I tried to first put them on. After a few tries I was given the OK to receive them (if you can't put them on you won't be able to get them). I think that's great because they're only trying to look out for you! I would definitely recommend it to my other friends, considering that a few already go here (:. –Rosalinda R


Simply outstanding experience - as always! The level of personalized professional customer service I receive from all members of the staff - especially Janine Blow - has kept me coming here for years and referring anyone & everyone I know to this LA gem.. –Miriam A


Kudos to all!!! My appoitment was fast and all personell are amiable, significantly courteous, complete review of insurance coverage. The optometrist; she is super magnifico.. –Javier P


Very good information, good options suggested. Staff very helpful. –Baladera E


Great selection of frames, exam on premises. They accept insurance.  They turned around new frames & lenses with add-on coatings in a day and a half:) –Rob C., Los Angeles, CA


Dr Levin gave the CORRECT prescription for my daughter. We had gone 2 other places and had nothing but problems with my daughters contacts until we came to Dr Friedman's office.  Now it's been over 2 years and her eyes never hurt, never are dry, it's very good. She is very happy with the service. My husband just went in last Saturday, he waited for a bit but it was not an issue. Dr Levin saw him and my husband felt very comfortable and the dr answered all his questions.  He was very happy.
The price of the exam was less than Costco and believe me more professional.

I read some of the comments. You go any where and there is a wait, whether it be the doctors, a restaurant or Starbucks. Just take a book with you or play a game on your phone. If the office tells me that my order will be ready in a week, I pick up the phone and call and not wait for them to call. —Susie G., Burbank, CA


I just recently got health insurance, and have been following up and taking care of all of my over-due appointments over the last few weeks. I was referred to the office of Dr. Friedman by my new medical provider for an eye exam.

I am gonna be honest, I read several of their reviews online and I was on high alert because of some of their harsh feedback. But then, I also noticed that they have spent what seems like a significant amount of time trying to correct the problems with the individual customers by addressing their issues very professionally and attempting to fix them. No other business I can think of takes the time or cares enough to actually do that. I was intrigued, to say the least. So I decided to go in anyway and give them the benefit of the doubt.

The office is small, but it was super bright and welcoming. The receptionist was kind and professional, and I was seen almost immediately after I arrived. I hate waiting, so this was already off to a great start in my book.

I was seen by Doctor Levin who was very nice, but still straight-forward and to the point when it came to explaining to me why I can't continue to wear my old contact lenses. I am really frugal and hate to waste, so I tend to hang on to them for way too long sometimes. He stressed the importance of keeping them clean and up to date, but managed not to make me feel like a jerk while doing so. Much appreciated, lol.

I also discovered that I had been wearing the wrong prescription! So he gave me a pair to take with me and ordered the new ones for me. They should be there next week! I am so glad I came to them. I was in and out of there so fast, and was really treated like a person and not just another chart to get through. I have had such bad experiences in the past, and was anxious about getting this done. But they were awesome, and I am sending my best friend to see them too!

Not sure why all the hateful reviews for this place, sometimes I think people forget that Yelp is for honest reviews on businesses and not just an outlet for angry people looking to vent their life frustrations. I can honestly tell you I had a great experience with them, and that I would absolutely recommend them to anyone I know. —Wine O, Los Angeles, CA


I broke my glasses today and couldn't get into my regular optometrist until next month so I went to see Dr. Levin because the office is close to my work and they take my insurance (UHC). I was seen quickly, everyone in the front was great, and I was thrilled that they had frames that were similar to my red Converse ones. Thank goodness they had an appointment for me on such short notice. I may just have a new eye doctor after this visit. Thanks everyone! —Danielle D., Los Angeles, CA


All I can say is that this place has a fantastic selection of glasses. I have gone to many different offices and their selections have been horrific, but once I found this place it felt like I was at a Candyland of Glasses..  All the ladies that work there have been nothing but friendly and professional and the doctor that helped me out explained everything to me in detail, which was never done before at any other office. I highly recommend this place. —Maritza N., Inglewood, CA


I'm new to the neighborhood and I came across this location through my insurance.  I checked the reviews and decided to see for myself because some of the places that I've checked out that were positive actually sucked! As soon as I stepped in, the front office was very nice and friendly.  The office was busy but the wait time wasn't that long.  The doctor was nice and answered all my questions.  The two ladies that helped me out were hilarious and knowledgeable !! This was my first time getting glasses and they had me trying out glasses that fitted my style.  Betty and Janine made the experience a joyful one.  Their frame selections are great and I'm definitely coming back to get sunglasses.  By far the best doctor visit I've had this side of town. —Luli M., Los Angeles, CA


Color me shocked.
I usually order my contact lenses from Korea and Taiwan "I won't front, you just can't beat those prices, and usually I get circle lenses because let's face it, we all know I'm weird like that", but I needed some lenses on my way to a shoot at Sony Studios.
I didn't have my lenses and was hoping against hope to find something in the neighborhood, especially because I don't live in Culver, so I don't really know the area all too well "even though it's nice, and now I'm kind of thinking about moving out there, especially since they have the new subway line out there now!".
Anyway, I went in and I met with a nice fellow by the name of Dr. Levin. I was disappointed because they didn't have non prescription lenses on the shelf, but that's more my fault, as that isn't a part of what they offer. What did happen though, was Dr. Levin walked me through some options and at the end of the day, I placed an order as he gave me a pretty damn good deal for an eye exam, fitting and follow up with my ordered lenses. He said they would be in within two days, so I thought great!
Anyway, when I got home I went online to start my review draft and see how other people felt about this place and...WOOOOOOW. I can't believe all the bad reviews. I don't get it, I honestly don't. But me being an avid yelper, I called and asked to speak to a manager and ask a few questions. The lady who answered the phone's name was Simone, and I have to say, she was a peach. I told her I was worried that my lenses wouldn't be in on time because I read a review about getting things late and she laughed and told me not to worry about it and that she promised my lenses would be in when they said or that I could have them for free!
I'm sorry, and I don't know why everyone else is crying bad customer service, but when a business puts their word up against a free product, I'm more than okay with that. When I went in two days later to pick up my lenses, there were three women at the front desk...and I apologize for not remembering all their names, but I DO remember Erica, because she was pregnant! lol. "Ps - if you see this Erica, I don't know how much longer you will be in the office you look like you're about to burst lolol, but congratulations again!" They were all friendly and kind.
I also noticed the diversity in their customers. While I was in there, there was also a hispanic woman, and a black guy with a white girl. Another plus in my book as I like places with an environment like that.
Now to be fair to some of the more outrageous reviews, my review is strictly based on my own experience with the employees, and their services dealing with contacts. However, that said, my experience was tremendously positive, and I didn't at anytime feel under appreciated, or dissatisfied with the service. The thing that surprised me most was the integrity Simone kept when I called in to express my worries about the Yelp reviews. She simply laughed and said not to worry and bet her business against her word...and came through completely! I love my new contacts, and actually found out I was buying a size too small previously which would explain the irritation I was having in my eyes lol.
Anyway, if I don't always go here, it is ONLY because I live in Burbank, but at this point, I feel like Maurice Friedman may very well just be worth the trip.


While this is a pretty small office it was very nice and bright. The selection of frames was out of control as well. I did not expect to see that many options. Beats the hell out of Lenscrafters. Anyway the front staff was very knowledgeable and Dr. Friedman was very pleasant. I have had Docs in the past preach to me about certain optical things to scare me away from my habits but Dr. Friedman stayed away from that stuff. There was a little bit of a snafu concerning how much my insurance covered and they offered to call the provider to figure it out before I left. Turns out I was right but they didn't just kick me out and make me figure it out myself.
They also offer a texting reminder service for appointments which I thought was pretty neat for an eye doc.
One con is the parking. I lucked out and got parking right in front (it was 1030am on a Wednesday) but it would be a little tough during a busier time.

Jun 16, 2012

I am very pleased! Dr Friedman and his
Staff made my visit comfy and at ease

May 11, 2012

I always find the team at Dr. Maurice Friedman awesome. This last visit, I had an eye infection. I made an appointment for two pm. However, my eye was in such bad shape by the next morning I had to cancel my shoot. So, I decided to go in early and they were able to see me at 10 am. My eye 24 hrs later is about 25% better and I'm ready to probably get back to working Monday!
- 1 months ago 

Apr 26, 2012

I was treated very well by everyone! I was there early without an appointment, and they took me right in. The staff was great! Dr. Osako was fantastic in checking out my problem. He was very thorough,and checked my eyes inside and out. Thanks, Rev. Michael Cowden
- 2 months ago

Apr 12, 2012

My visit on Wednesday April 11th was relaxed and pleasant. I didn't make an appointment, just stopped in to get my lenses refitted.The reception desk were very professional and courteous.Keeping tabs to fit me in with the other appointments. The Optomitrist very helpful,friendly and knowledgeable.Accessed my vision record instantly.Quick and easy.Thanks!
- 2 months ago


The moment I step into the clinic the ladies at the desk were very warm and greeted me with warmth hellos, the clinic ambiance is fantastic too, everything went well. No long waits at all. I was amazed. The doctor I believed it was Dr M Friedman was very kind and knowledgeable with what I want/need. The lady Juana who trained me on how to put in my contacts (it was my very first time getting and having contact lenses) was very patient and kind. Very satisfied and was happy i went to this clinic than Costco.

I will recommend this clinic to my friends for sure. Please keep up the good work. Warm hospitality is the best way to keep a client.



I loved how easy it was to make an appointment, they called me to confirm right away and they were so prompt and efficient. I was in and out in 20 minutes and every one I met was extremely professional, competent, knowledgeable and friendly.



Just had a standard Eye Exam there and it went great aside from the fact that I need glasses. The optometrist was nice and helpful and explained my issue. The eyeglass sales person was also nice and helpful pulling out catalogs etc. So far so good. :)Btw I sent them an email and got a call-back immediately to set-up an appointment. I thought that was efficient.



I returned today to get my twitchy eye (how annoying!) checked out, plus I was overdue for an exam. I called at 10, was told I could come in at 12 (awesome!) and saw Dr. Hoff. He was friendly, thorough and answered all my questions in a very reassuring way. Turns out my eye is probably just irritated by allergies and the Rx drops Dr. Hoff gave me should help.
I love that for an extra $49 you can avoid the stingy dilation procedure that blurs your vision in favor of a retinal photograph. Well worth it - fast, and I returned to work right afterwards.
It seems that they've renovated the place, and once again, parking was a cinch. With the exam and the additional test I still paid less than $100, most of which I'll get back from insurance.
Totally recommended.



I've been going here for awhile now and so far my experiences has been great. The coupons really help me out on purchasing my glasses.... Which makes me a very Happy Patient.... Whenever I would accidentally fall asleep with my glasses on, which sometimes the nose piece would break, or I would need a major adjustment, they'll have it fix in no time.
The staff is very friendly & helpful... and all the Doctor's are GREAT! They have so many glasses to choose from, which is a plus for me.
My experience with them has been pleasant, and will definitely come back for future needs (i.e. eye exam/glasses/contacts).



I've been here a couple times, and both have been good! The staff have always been helpful, the doctors I've had have been very friendly and professional (Dr. Levin and Osako I believe). They also have a huge variety of frames for glasses and sunglasses in the store!



The only thing I can complain about is the very close quarters in this optometrist's office. They are quick in setting appointments, talk walk-ins Monday through Saturday, have pretty advanced equipment, AND great prices! Being very extremely near-sighted I have seen my share of optometrists (albeit in a very blurry way), and every doctor that has checked my eyes at Dr. Friedman's office has been very well informed and caught a couple of things others missed.I also love not only their frame selection, but the knowledge and patience of the staff who fit you for glasses. Extremely helpful they are!Street parking is usually easy, and if eye exams make you thirsty, there's a Robek's and a Starbuck's right across the street.



Small intimate optometrist venue. great selection of frames at affordable prices (w/ insurance) friendly staff. great water cooler. A little bit old school interior, certainly not the most modern optom, but still very cool!


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The staff was so friendly, i didn't have to wait to be helped, the doctor was really personable and it was truly an enjoyable experience. i highly recommend this office!

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